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The Volgograd state Medical University has a long tradition in medical training and is a leading contender among the higher medical establishment of Russian Federation. Volograd Medical University is situated in the center of the city. The Volgograd medical school was founded in 1935. It was granted Academy status in 1993. On February 1st 2003 The Academy has granted the status of The volgograd State Medical University in accordance with the order No. 10 of the Ministry of the Education of Russian Federation of 08.01.2003.
University collaborates with the World Health Organization. It has extensive contacts with many foreign higher educational institutions and participates in joint international programs with Belgium, France, Germany, USA (Arkansas University of Medical Sciences).

The Volgograd Medical University has its own scientific and methodical schools. The University is ranked as the 5th best in Russia and the quality of education at the University meets the most stringent requirements. The University has been included into the WHO's list of World medical schools and in the list of Universities recognized by Medical Council of India for screening test. 520 highly skilled specialists work in 61 Academic Departments.

There are 12 academicians, 74 professors and 294 associate professors. 3500 citizens of Russia and 800 foreigners from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe study at the University.
At its disposal the University has 4 educational buildings, 5 large multiprofile hospitals, Cancer Centre, Heart Centre, First Aid Hospitals, 3 Infectious Disease hospitals, 5 Dental Hospitals, 5 Obs and Gynaec Hospitals, 4 Physiotherapy centres, Tuberculosis centre, 3 Orthopaedic centres-total for 7000 patients. The Heart centre is one of the best in the field of Cardiology in Russian Federation.The University has been training foreign students since 1962. Students from 85 Countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin, America have studied at this University.
Over this period 3,500 General Practitioners, Dentist and Pediatricians have been trained for foreign countries. Indian students are taking education at this university since 1982. More than 500 Indian doctors graduated from this university are practicing in India.

Graduates from University works in 107 countries including USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, India, and Arab countries. Much attention is paid to physical fitness and athletics at the Academy. Several gymnasiums, a swimming pool and a stadium are available for students.
The oldest and largest national medical higher educational institution is the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy (MMA). This institution has been playing a leading role in the development of medical science and training of medical & scientific personnel. According to UNESCO international rating the Moscow Medical Academy takes the second place after Rene Descartes Academy of Medical Science in France.

This Academy is a state run higher educational institution of the Russian federation, functioning on the basis of the National Constitution and Legislation as well as regulations of the ministry of health of Russia & Academy own status.
In this academy about 8000 students from Russia & Foreign countries are studding annually. In the postgraduate training about 1500 graduates are involved as a part of internship (primary specialization), clinical specialties or postgraduate courses.

This academy is an active member of the international universities association. It cooperates with 18 foreign educational establishments of the countries like Columbia, USA, UK, France, etc.
The university was founded in 1906. An outstanding Russian morphologist. professor Ivan F. Ognev (1855 – 1928) was its first dean. The medical faculty has made many changes during its 94 years history in contents of curriculum and teaching trends. They have also maintained the highly qualified training of doctors in main academic disciplines of medicine.

In 1930, the pediatric faculty of the university was founded ,it was the first pediatric faculty in the world.
The complex building of RSMU is designed for practical classes, lectures, laboratory studies which is covering a total area of 1000 sq. mtr. today and it includes a students township “MEDIK”. to train graduates of the university in various special branches of medicine. The post graduates training faculty was founded in 1971.

It was founded for benefit of Asian, African & Latin American countries to train personnel in different social economical and medical fields. Today from 107 countries of the world, it has about 7,000 undergraduates, post graduate,
The University has the following faculties:
• The Preparatory Faculty where Russian language Instructors teach Russian to foreign students.
• Faculty of Physics and Chemistry
• Faculty of Mathematics (Applied Mathematics)
• Faculty of Economics and law
• Faculty of Medicine
• Faculty of Agriculture (Majoring in 300 Techniques and Agronomy)
•Faculty of Engineering (Majoring in Machine Building, Manufacture and Operation of Thermal Engines; Geology and Prospecting for Mineral Deposits)

• Faculty of History and Philology.Annual competitions between student’s communities are held in the universities, which includes fully equipped sports complexes.
There are facilities of 164 laboratories with latest equipments at 100 departments in Research and educational work.

1/3 of the students community participate in fundamental theoretical problems and solution of applied problems in the Russian economy and national economies of Asia, Africa & Latin America are carried out.

Every year 150-200 specialists take up advanced studies at the postgraduate level & doctoral level.

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